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Recenze Tesla Modelu 3 od majitele po 24 hod. (v angličtině)

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Recenze Tesla Modelu 3 od majitele po 24 hod. (v angličtině)

Příspěvekod Kuk » pon 12. bře 2018 5:15:57

Možná to někomu pomůže a dopředu zjistí co může očekávat.

Here’s my Model 3 review after 24 hours of ownership. Everyone talks about the good so I will start with the bad. Hopefully I can offer some things you haven’t heard quite as much thus far.

The bad:

- Driver side trunk alignment on my car is off. The gap is so big that you can actually see the trunk hinge mechanism if light is shining there. Tesla said they would fix. The rest of the panel gaps and trim alignment look great.

- Scratch and two small rock chips on front bumper at delivery time. B Pillar (key card area) was also scratched. Tesla said they would fix.

- Car came in late on the truck as was poorly cleaned and detailed. It was also only charged to 60% and all of the supercharger bays were full.

- Woke up the next morning after delivery and my phone key stopped working and the car no longer appeared in the Tesla Phone app. I logged into my Tesla account on the website and the car was there. After calling Tesla, they explained that it takes a couple of days for the new car paperwork to make it through the system. After that happens, the phone key should work again. Not only does this make ZERO sense (as the phone key and app worked perfectly all day yesterday) but why on earth would they not explain this to customers at delivery time?! And why would they design a process like this?

I cannot understate how inconvenient it is to have to use the key card. Gotta take it out of your pocket, swipe it on the pillar. Then touch it to the console to start the car. When you get out, you have to swipe on the B Pillar again to lock the car. It will be easy to forget the card somewhere. I sure hope Tesla fixes the phone key issues soon. This situation is pretty unacceptable.

- The charger port/lock mechanism seems cheap and flimsy compared to the Model S. I get that they have to save money but I hope it won’t fail. With the S, you knew when the cable was plugged in sufficiently because there was a click and a lock sound. With this, there is no such thing. It doesn’t feel right to me.

- A 256GB USB thumb drive formatted to FAT 32 with FLAC, MP3 and MP4 files takes about 25 minutes to load/read. I hope you are planning a very long drive because it will be over before you can play music from the thumb drive. After it loaded, some songs played fine but others were dropping out and many songs couldn’t load at all. It’s not a good experience at all and it is the ONLY way of which I am aware to play high quality music in the car. After going through the half hour USB stick read, the car didn’t need to go through that read process for the remainder of the day regardless of how many starts there were involved. The next morning, however, the USB stick had to be read again. Because I made several trips, each less than 25 minutes, the stick has not been read and available for play use today even though I drove many miles and had a bunch of small trips. This is completely unacceptable IMO.

- Doors have to be slammed shut. It is easy to have them not be 100% closed.

The good:

- Car feels very luxurious compared to my 2013 Model S P85. Soft touch materials everywhere. Great seats that are super comfy. Ride quality is excellent

- It handles so much better than the S. There is no competiiton.

- Acceleration is very good but not quite as good as my S P85.

- Autopilot works quite well so far. I’ve driven about 50 miles on AP so far. No complaints.

- Stereo is unbelievably good. You will love it and it blows away the premium sound in the S.

- Screen is so much higher quality than S or X and much more responsive.

- The 3 is Sooooo much more energy efficient than the S. The S would typically consume 400-450 Wh per mile. The 3 regularly is between 250-300 Wh/mile. sweet

- Cloth headliner is actually quite nice. I would have preferred Alcantara though.

- Fit and finish is good but not perfect.

- An additional 2 or 4 year bumper to bumper warranty can be purchased up until the 50,000 mile mark or within 1000 miles of exceeding 50k miles. There was no word on the cost of the extended warranty. — s uživatelem Kim Nader D'Orto.
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